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On Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the 2020 unveiling of the note, timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of a Constitutional amendment that granted women the right to vote, has been canceled.

On the eve of Super Bowl LIII, a solitary mural to Colin Kaepernick is no more. Artist Fabian Williams, who painted the mural of Kaepernick standing next to Muhammad Ali on the side of an abandoned building on the corner of Fair Street and Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard, said the building was torn down this […]

It was life imitating art in the cruelest of ways. On July 17, 2014, in a scene captured on camera, Staten Island man Eric Garner was killed by members of the New York City Police Department who put him in a deadly choke hold. Garner would painfully repeat, “I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.” Those […]

CLEVELAND, Ga. – Even those who live in Georgia may not have heard of Truett McConnell University, but this week, the private Southern Baptist college in Cleveland, Georgia, joined the national response of some to Nike’s ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick. Emir Caner, the president of Truett McConnell, announced Friday that the university would cut ties with the global […]

By most accounts, Alex Wan is a good-looking guy. In fact, he might be so good-looking that dozens of men around the world want to be him — or at least have his face. >> Read more trending news Images of the former Atlanta City Councilman and current executive director of Horizons Atlanta are popping […]