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ORO VALLEY, Ariz. – Fire crews helped a homeowner in Oro Valley, Arizona, with removing multiple snakes from their property.

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Some homeowners got a surprise when they found a bunch of snakes out of their house recently and once they realized it was a family of rattlesnakes, they called local firefighters for assistance, KTVK reported.

On Facebook, the Golder Ranch Fire Department said they helped to remove nine baby rattlesnakes, a large bull snake, and an adult rattlesnake from a bricked area of a house. The fire department called the call a “SsssNAKE CALL,” on Facebook.

The Golder Ranch Fire District said that these snakes were relocated once they were removed.

It is rare for snakes including rattlesnakes to give birth by a house but according to KPNX, it does happen and it did for homeowners in Scottsdale, Arizona last summer.

The news outlet says August is considered the birthing season for rattlesnakes and with the weather in places like Arizona, the air will “signal to mother rattlesnakes” that is it a good time to find a safe place to give birth.