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The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers as Amazon Prime Day approaches — scammers are trying to take advantage of your desire to get a deal. The BBB cautions your money and personal information are at risk.

Amazon Prime Day runs July 11th through July 12th.

“It’s becoming Christmas in July,” BBB Spokesperson Melanie McGovern said.

But even in July, a “Grinch” can still steal your shopping joy and even more.

“This is one of those times like Black Friday or leading up to the holidays where people will try to take your money try and steal your identity,” McGovern explained.

That’s why the Better Business Bureau is warning consumers.

“We want everyone to be aware that there could be fraud associated with this, that there are fake websites, fake ads,” McGovern told us.

Amazon is the most impersonated business, according to BBB’s Scam Tracker. In fact, we found several reports, which note “Amazon impostor” and “Amazon Prime spoof.” Victims are asked to click on links or put in their credit card information — so the stakes are high.

McGovern advised if you are doing a lot of shopping this time of year, find a way to easily keep track of it all.

“Maybe setup a database with order numbers, tracking numbers, how it’s coming to you,” she said. “Just so you know if you do get a text message or you get an email saying there’s a shipping delay or there’s an issue, you can just refer to that spreadsheet.”

It’s also important to know how a retailer might get in touch with you about your purchase.

“What did you opt into,” McGovern asked. “Did you opt in for text alerts? Did you opt in for emails? Making sure that you know what you’ve opted in for is really important and can prevent you from clicking on links that might go somewhere else.”

Remember, always think before you click the link.