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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A man has been arrested after investigators found another man’s body partially stuffed inside a bag in an apartment in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on Wednesday.

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Sioux Falls Police Department officers were conducting a welfare check on a man Wednesday at an apartment in the 600 block of North Cliff Avenue, according to KELO. The man, Nigussie Bulti, 63, had reportedly not been heard from for a few days.

When officers arrived at the apartment, officers smelled a strong odor, according to court records obtained by the news outlet. Inside the apartment, officers found a black bag. Part of Bulti’s body was found stuffed inside the bag.

Maggots and flies were found near the body, KELO reported. Investigators said that Bulti was dead for possibly a week, according to The Associated Press.

A witness mentioned to investigators seeing a man Morningstar Jewett who was hanging around the apartment around the time, according to KELO.

Jewett, 29, was charged in connection to Buliti’s murder on Thursday, the AP reported.

Jewett allegedly admitted to assaulting Bulti with a piece of wood, the AP reported. He then said he stomped on his head during an argument.

Jewett was already in custody for a different case when investigators found Bulti’s body, the AP said.

Jewett said he believed that the argument happened around six days before he spoke with police. Court records obtained by KELO said that Bulti was reportedly fighting with his girl which is what led to the argument.

Jewett has been charged with aggravated assault but more charges are expected, the news outlet reported.