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A mummy isn’t something you’d expect to come in your DoorDash or UberEats order, but in Peru, a former delivery person was carrying a 600-year-old mummy in his delivery bag.

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Julio Cesar Bermejo was with two other men, drinking in a deserted park in Punto, Peru, over the weekend, CNN reported.

Bermejo had his “Pedidos Ya” bag from his former job as a delivery person, USA Today reported. When investigators opened the bag, they said they found the remains in a fetal position.

Bermejo told local Peruvian media that the mummy was named “Juanita” and that she was “like my spiritual girlfriend,” added that she is kept in his room, and he sleeps with and takes care of her, CNN reported.

The remains, however, are said to be that of an adult male, probably from the eastern area of the town and dated between 600 and 800 years old.

Mummy found

Peruvian officials said a former food delivery person had a 600-year-old mummy in his delivery bag to show his friends.

Bermejo said brought the mummy to the park to show his friends, adding that his father brought home the mummy about 30 years ago, USA Today reported from local media outlets.

Bermejo is in custody and the mummy has been given to the Ministry of Culture, classified as a national cultural asset, CNN reported.