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One of the passengers on the missing submersible Titan is an employee of RMS Titanic, Inc., the company that has exclusive salvage rights to the great ocean liner’s resting place miles below the sea.

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Paul Henry Nargeolet, who goes by PH, has dived to the wreckage of the Titanic 37 times, WSB reported. Officials with RMS Titanic, Inc. said that he has completed more dives than anyone else.

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“If any of us were in this situation he’s the one you would want with us,” E-M Group and RMS Titanic, Inc. President Jessica Sanders said.

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Nargeolet has been with the company for 16 years, gathering artifacts from the wreck site for exhibitions. He is the Director of Underwater Research for RMS Titanic, Inc.

“PH is a part of our family,” Sanders told WSB. “He did comment that they had had some weather issues. He said it was very very cold but nonetheless, the expedition and the mission were very interesting was his comment on Friday.

“We need the hope. We need the hope. We are three days into this.”

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In a separate post on social media, Sanders said, “We trust and have faith his experience will help navigate this critical situation.”

RMS Titanic, Inc. is aiding in the search for the Titan by giving mapping and data of the site to the rescue crews that are trying to locate the missing vessel, WSB reported.