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PIQUA, Ohio – An Ohio woman really loves her 10-foot-tall werewolf but not everyone agrees with her decor choice.

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Mary Simmons put up the decoration that she named Phil and towers over her property during the Halloween season, and she left him in his spot for the last eight months, WHIO reported.

She told our sister station, “I just love Halloween and it’s one of those things and I just ended up not taking him down and he’s kind of become my mascot.”

“Just let me have my werewolf, that’s all I want. I’m not asking for a lot, just let me have my werewolf,” she added.

But someone from the city has left her a request on her door to “please take down the seasonal wolf decoration” after receiving complaints about it.

Some neighbors don’t mind it, while others think it needs to come down.

Simmons said she would understand if Phil was a danger, but he isn’t falling apart. She said she isn’t going to move him into the shadows until it’s the spooky season.

Now Phil, because he’s been called seasonal, is living up to that designation, with Simmons dressing him for each holiday. He’s sporting red, white and blue for Flag Day and Fourth of July. She’s also looking to find a pilgrim outfit for Thanksgiving.

The city officials, when asked by WHIO, said Phil can stay.