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If you’re looking for an otherworldly getaway, the home that the “The Conjuring” films are based on is available.

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The owner of the home in Burrillville, Rhode Island, is now offering stays at the 1736-built property, calling the experience “ghamping” or ghost camping.

The home, which was the focus of an exorcism performed by Ed and Lorraine Warren and the basis of the films, was built decades before the Revolutionary War by the Richardson family and handed down to the Arnold family through marriage before being purchased by the Perron family in 1970, according to the property’s owner and Travel Channel.

The Perrons owned it until they moved to Georgia in 1980 and it went through several owners. It is now owned by Jacqueline Nuñez, who purchased it in 2022.

Paranormal stories on the property date back to the 1700s through the present day, according to the estate’s owner.

The home’s website says, “Imagine spending the night surrounded by the supernatural, with the opportunity to investigate every spine-chilling corner of the land in this iconic location. And now, for the first time ever, you can do so under our dark skies within the walls of our 3-4 person tents.”

It’s a seasonal event running from June through October. Organizers told prospective visitors to “pack your courage.”

There are eight sites available on the property with names such as:

  • Abduction Chamber Tent, $300 a night, sleeps 3
  • Light Dancer Tent, $300 a night, sleeps 3
  • Galactic Gaze Tent, $400 a night, sleeps 4
  • Playhouse Trailer, $400 a night, sleeps 3 to 4
  • Pet Cemetery Tent, $400 a night, sleeps 4
  • Seven Soldiers Tent, $400 a night, sleeps 4
  • Floating Regrets Tent, $400 a night, sleeps
  • Perron’s Purgatory Tent, $400 a night, sleeps 4.

The sites range from a fear factor of 6+ for the Abduction Chamber, Light Dancer and Galactic Gaze tents, to an intense fright factor of 10 for the Floating Regrets and Perron’s Purgatory tents. Perron’s site supposedly has “cross-dimensional encounters, Bigfoot sightings, and siren-like orbs of lights.”

There is no electricity or running water at the sites, just the tents, with the property owner reminding guests it is not a campground.

“We offer outdoor accommodations so that you can do an Overnight Investigation of our land,” the owner said. Water and port-a-potties are available on the property.

Guests can add to their visits a haunted and historic tour of the home led by the property’s guides.