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ERIN, Tenn. – A Tennessee couple preparing for their wedding last week was jolted when the home where their nuptials had been scheduled to be held was destroyed by fire.

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Joshua Koffman and his fiancee, Paige Cooke, spent weeks preparing to have the wedding on a deck they built at his parents’ home in Erin, located west of Nashville, WZTV reported.

In a flash, their plans to be married this weekend literally went up in smoke.

Koffman told the television station that he heard an explosion from the porch at about 10:45 p.m. CDT on April 30. His parents’ home was immediately engulfed in flames.

“Everyone was asleep but me,” Koffman told WKRN-TV. “I was getting ready to go to bed.”

Koffman woke up his parents and Cooke and managed to get everyone safely out of the house, except for the family’s longtime pet snake, WZTV reported. However, just about everything inside the home was destroyed, including the bride’s wedding dress, her jewelry and the groom’s tuxedo, according to WKRN.

However, the couple’s passports were salvaged and they were already wearing their wedding rings.

“Everything around them (passports) was burned to ash, so it is very strange, but it’s very lucky really,” Koffman told WKRN.

“It was a different story if it happened an hour later,” Koffman told WSMV-TV.

It was unclear what caused the explosion.

Ascending the steps of what used to be a deck, Koffman said it was tough to lose the home.

“Everybody was very emotional as it was happening, as you’re watching the house go up in fire,” he told WKRN.

While the Koffmans had insurance, family members still created a GoFundMe page to cover living expenses and other necessities.

The irony of the fire is that the home is located across from the town’s Fire tower — fittingly, on Fire Tower Road, WSMV reported.

“Everybody laughed about it,” Koffman told the television station. “Everyone we tell the story to laughs about it.”

“And we can still laugh about it,” Cooke told WSMV. “Yeah, we’re a great team and we are doing really well. So, if we can make it through this, we can for anything, I think.”

The couple will be married in a small ceremony at a relative’s home in Nashville, WZTV reported.