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LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Two cashiers at a Kentucky supermarket cashed in a $50,000 ticket after winning a lottery scratch-off ticket. The ticket had winning amounts on every spot.

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Tyesha Trice and Dylan Mitchell, who work at a Valu Market in Louisville, took a break and bought some scratch-off tickets, the Kentucky Lottery said in a news release.

The break started off well and they won $100 on a $30 ticket. Then they decided to go big, playing a $50 500X ticket, lottery officials said.

“We were just messing around and decided to play,” Trice said in a statement.

Their luck continued as they scratched off a $500 winner on the first spot of the ticket.

“We were excited about the first win,” Trice and Mitchell said in a statement. “We even did a little fist bump.”

They won the second spot, too.

“I saw the second one and thought I was going to pass out,” Trice said.

They were not done. As they continued to scratch, Trice and Mitchell had winning numbers on all 35 spots of the ticket. The final amount of their winnings totaled $50,000, lottery officials said.

The next day, the two workers claimed their winnings, which were $17,875 apiece after taxes. It also happened to be Mitchell’s birthday, lottery officials said.

“I’ll never forget it,” Mitchell said in a statement. “Definitely, a birthday to remember.”

Mitchell said he plans to buy a car and find housing. Trice said she will use her cash to pay rent and will place the rest in a savings account.

Valu Market will receive $500 for selling the winning ticket, lottery officials said.