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HUMBLE, Texas – Police in Texas have arrested a woman who they said tried to sell a car that was not for sale, but was instead a rental.

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Humble police officers said they were contacted by a man trying to buy a 2022 Toyota Camry. He said that he found the car online but when he went to buy it, he thought it was stolen, KRIV reported.

The man had met with a woman who he claimed was selling an almost new car for half the sticker price.

He met with her once and was planning to meet her a second time to finalize the deal, Spectrum News 1 reported. He took a photo of the woman’s driver’s license and the car’s title. But when he looked at the license, he told the police something looked wrong.

Police confirmed his suspicions when they ran the license and the information didn’t match what was on file.

Police used the vehicle identification number and the title the man provided and contacted the Camry’s owner, who told officers that the car was not for sale, but was in reality a rental.

Police and local media outlets did not say how the woman got the car. They also did not identify the woman or say if the license was in her name.

When the buyer and seller met a second time and once they finalized the $10,000 deal, Humble police arrested the woman, charging her with third-degree felony auto theft and second-degree felony tampering, KRIV reported.