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A railroad engineer stopped his train Wednesday when he spotted a little black pug trembling with fear in some bushes beside the tracks near Rutland, England.

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Poppy, the little dog, had run away when a speeding car spooked her, according to BBC News.

Her humans, Dawn and Ian Bain, had been desperately searching all night for her.

The morning after Poppy’s escape, sharp-eyed train driver Michael Jones noticed her red collar in a hedge beside the tracks.

“All of a sudden, there was this tiny face looking back at me,” he told BBC News.

That’s all it took.

Jones said that without thinking, he jumped out of the cab and rushed back to see if he could find her, BBC News reported.

It didn’t take long. Poppy, who was about a mile from where she ran away, was so scared she froze.

“There she was just looking so very sad and lonely,” Jones told BBC News. “She was trembling and looking down at the ground.”

He took her on his train and drove with her sitting in his lap for about 20 minutes, Metro reported. He took her home to meet his wife, Julia, and gave her water and crumpets while his wife called local veterinarians to ask if anyone reported a lost dog.

The vets knew all about Poppy because Dawn Bain had called them.

Dawn Bain had also walked down to the train station in nearby Oakham, and she told the man in the signal booth about Poppy. The man told her that a dog had just been found that morning. After a few phone calls, he called the couple and gave them the good news, BBC News reported.

Soon, Poppy got another train ride in Jones’s lap with special permission to make a stop in Oakham. Dawn Bain was waiting on the platform.

She cried tears of joy when she saw her dog and her hero.

“In comes this train with this beautiful man on, with Poppy sat on his knee. I cried, massively, and he cried,” she said, according to Metro.

After the tearful reunion, Dawn Bain took Poppy to the vet, who checked her out and found that she had no injuries though one of her eyes was a little bloodshot, BBC News reported.

Dawn Bain said she was really thankful that Jones had been so observant and was kind enough to stop and rescue Poppy, according to BBC News.