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WhatsApp users will be allowed to edit messages they send, but only for a limited amount of time.

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The Meta-owned messaging platform now lets senders edit messages within 15 minutes of sending, The Washington Post reported.

Messages that are edited will be marked with an “edited” label like other communications programs.

It won’t show exactly what was changed, BBC News reported.

It will allow senders who have hit the send button too quickly or who have made a typo fix their messages.

To make an edit, all the writer has to do is long-press the message, again within 15 minutes of sending, and select the edit option in the dropdown menu.

The company already offers users the option to delete a message within two days of sending it, and then resend the message if they want to. A gray box replaces deleted messages.

Several social media platforms already allow users to edit messages.

Twitter gave its Twitter Blue subscribers the ability to edit messages up to five times within 30 minutes of posting. Telegram and Discord also allow users to edit messages, the Post and BBC News reported.

WhatsApp said the feature has already started rolling out to some users. Everyone will be able to access the feature in the next few weeks.