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If conditions cooperate, skywatchers will have quite a show this weekend.

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On Saturday, five planets will align: Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus, The Associated Press reported. To see them, you’ll want to find a spot with little light pollution and an unobstructed view of the horizon.

The planets will be in a line on Saturday morning about an hour before sunrise. Two, Neptune and Uranus, may be hard to see, according to Star Walk.

The first planet to be seen will be Saturn, which will rise in the middle of the night between Friday and Saturday, according to Star Walk. Next will be Neptune, in Pisces, and you’ll need at least binoculars to get a glimpse of it.

Jupiter will come after Neptune and will be in Aries. According to Star Walk, you should be able it with the naked eye.

Uranus will be next in the sky and, while it will be in Aries, it will be about 7 degrees lower than Jupiter and you will need at least binoculars to see it.

Mercury will be the last planet to rise. It will be low on the horizon in Taurus and will be visible about an hour before sunrise on Saturday.

This is the second planetary alignment this year. The first was in March. Another will happen with three planets next month, the AP reported.

Planetary alignments don’t indicate that planets are actually in a line in space, according to Business Insider. Alignments mark a moment when we can see planets in one section of the sky.