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A man and his girlfriend who went fishing for yellowfin tuna came up on a shark feeding frenzy instead, according to a video posted on social media.

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Dillon May, who recorded this video, said he thought the activity he and his girlfriend, Kaitlyn Dix, saw in the water was a “tuna boil,” or an area where tuna are feeding in a manner that makes the water look as if it is boiling.

“Then we saw it was sharks on a bait pod, never seen anything like it,” May said. “No shrimp boats were in sight either!”

May told Storyful that the sharks were in such a frenzy they were bringing water onto the vessel.

The couple was about 15 miles off the coast of Venice, Louisiana, when they saw a large pod of fish.

“By the time we got there, the sharks had found the pod and pushed them up against the boat to feast on them.”

See the video here.