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CALLISBURG, Texas – The power of social media is being used for good.

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The new janitor at Callisburgh High School in Texas just started on the job in January. Known only as Mr. James, he had to get a job at the age of 80 to help offset the $400 increase in rent, KDFW reported.

But students at the high school didn’t think someone who should be enjoying his golden years should have to work.

“It’s just so sad seeing an 80-year-old man having to do things an 80-year-old shouldn’t have to do,” senior Banner Tidwell told KXII.

Fellow senior Greyson Thurman created a TikTok video showing Mr. James cleaning the hallways.

He shared the clip with his 2,000 followers who also spread the word about a GoFundMe campaign.

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In the first 12 hours, they raised about $12,000 for the custodian, with much of the money coming from students at the school, KXII reported.

They had set the initial goal as $10,000, KDFW reported.

Over the next few days, the donations increased to almost $29,000.

Then the story went viral nationally with the fundraiser bringing in more than $268,000 and was scheduled to be closed Friday afternoon.