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A herd of elephants are marching through China and have arrived near the capital of the Yunnan province, Kunming, BBC News reported.

The city is home to about 7 million people, The Associated Press reported.

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Hundreds of police officers and emergency workers have been given the job of diverting the 15 animals away from populated areas, keeping people safe.

The group of elephants includes: six females, three males, three juveniles and three calves, the AP reported.

Officials are using 10 tons of corn, pineapple and other food, along with trucks and drones to steer the animals to safe areas.

Scientists have tried to turn the group around but that didn’t work. Now they’re trying to find a place where the elephants could live.

Chinese wildlife officials said the elephants left a nature reserve last year, the AP reported.

At one point, the elephants tramped through Eshan village and banged on doors. Government officials said the herd had caused 412 incidents in Yunnan. The elephants also caused more than $1 million in damages to crops they’ve eaten on their months-long journey, BBC News reported.