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Skygazers got a special treat early Sunday as the “snow moon” – February’s full moon – glowed overhead. By some definitions, the display also qualified as a “supermoon,” according to

Social media users are sharing their photos with the hashtag #snowmoon. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Photo by @tinachinpics, Instagram

2. Iron Mountain, California

Photo by @johnny.utah82, Instagram

3. New York City

Photo by @garyhershorn, Instagram

4. Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area, California

Photo by @ecvpurcell, Instagram

5. Seattle

Photo by @timdurkan, Instagram

6. Salmon Creek, Washington

Photo by @bigdudephotos, Instagram

7. Emerald Bay State Park, California

Photo by @iancallahan_photography, Instagram

8. Oak Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Photo by @jdstaplesdotcom, Instagram

9. South Amboy, New Jersey

Photo by @neetikumthekar, Instagram

10. Jupiter, Florida

Photo by @sethtomchik, Instagram