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Dodger Stadium could now be called Dog-er stadium after Macho, a Russell Terrier from California, got himself in the record books.

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Macho has been declared the fastest dog to run the bases at a Major League Baseball stadium, The Los Angeles Daily News reported.

He ran the basepaths in 21.06 seconds Friday.

Owner and trainer Lori Signs said she was nervous before the record-breaking attempt.

“No matter what, he is still a dog. There could be a stray pigeon, a gopher or a leaf that falls. We were all just holding our breath.”

A Guinness World Records adjudicator flew from New York to Los Angeles to certify Macho’s run an official record-breaker.

How did his owner get him to stay on target? Balloons were the key.

Balloons were placed on the bases to make sure he, like any base runner, touched each base before heading home.

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Signs told the newspaper that Macho loves to pop them. It took her a year and a half to teach her pup how to hit each base just right, WUSA reported.