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DOTHAN, Ala. – A woman has filed a lawsuit in Alabama, claiming she was served cleaning agents in her coffee from McDonald’s that has left her with lasting injuries.

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The lawsuit claims that Sherry Head ordered a coffee from the drive-through at McDonald’s in December 2020, and was given chemicals in her caramel macchiato, WTVY reported.

“I took a sip, and immediately my mouth and throat went numb, then started burning. Now I have permanent scarring in my throat and may need corrective surgery,” Head said in a statement.

Sherry Head and husband, Michael

Sherry Head has filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s, claiming she was served chemicals in coffee.

Attorneys representing Head said that when she realized that something was wrong, she pulled back to the drive-though to ask for assistance, WTVY reported.

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Heard said that when she reported it to the restaurant, she heard the manager yell to employees, “I told y’all you have to be more careful about that!” before turning back to her and saying it was “fine,” reported. The manager allegedly refused to call poison control or let Head see the label of the bottle of chemicals before slamming the drive-through window closed.

“When first responders arrived, McDonald’s employees again refused to help, denying the requests from medical personnel to show them the bottle of the chemical that had been served to her, despite Sherry needing emergency care,” Alyssa Baxley, Head’s attorney said in a statement.

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“It was terrifying. I drank a liquid chemical and it seems like no one cared,” Head said in a statement.

Head said that she has been diagnosed with scarring and narrowing of her throat, difficulty swallowing, chronic gastritis and acid reflux as a result of the incident and may need future surgery to repair damage done to her throat and preserve her ability to swallow, WDHN reported.

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In the lawsuit, Head is asking for $3 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages, WTVY reported.

Murphy Family Restaurants, which owns the franchise, told WDHN that they were looking into the complaint.

McDonald’s did not respond to a request for comment.