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SANDWICH, Mass. – A server in Sandwich, Massachusetts, is the latest recipient of actor and singer Donnie Wahlberg’s generosity.

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Wahlberg continued his participation in the 2020 tip challenge, leaving a $2,020 tip on a $35.27 tab last Saturday at the Marshlands Restaurant and Bakery.

“A very special thank you to our friend Donnie Wahlberg,” the restaurant said Wednesday on social media. “When asked about it all he said was, ‘Who’s up next?’”

Denise Andrews, a manager at the restaurant who was serving that day, was shocked to receive the tip, WFXT reported.

“My first instinct was to kind of give some of it away,” Andrews said.

She shared some of it with other servers at the restaurant. She also gave some to two foster families in the area so the parents could buy Christmas presents.

“I did buy myself a kayak though,” she said.

This is not the first time Wahlberg has participated in the tip challenge.

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The trend started when a Michigan server received a monumental $2,020 tip on a $23 bill. She later dined and tipped her server $20.20. Then on New Year’s Day, Wahlberg got involved, leaving a $2,020 tip for a server at IHOP.