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GENESEO, N.Y. – A mother’s instincts have kicked in no matter the species for a Doberman in New York.

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Brittany Callan of Geneseo, New York, recently found a newborn, abandoned kitten at her husband’s worksite, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported. To give it a chance of survival, Callan knew just what to do. She took the tiny baby home to one of her dogs who recently had puppies, WHEC reported.

Ruby, according to Callan, “was meant to be a mother to anything,” she told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Ruby has taken care of baby bunnies, guinea pigs, chickens and ducks, Callan told the newspaper.

She first introduced the kitten to her large dog by holding the tiny baby in her hands to let the dog smell the baby.

That’s when the mothering instinct kicked in and Ruby started cleaning the kitten.

As soon as Callan set the kitten, now named Ramblin’ Rose, next to Ruby, the baby started nursing.

Callan is supplementing Ramblin’ Rose’s feeding with kitten formula.

Not only is Ruby feeding Ramblin’ Rose, but she’s also treating her as if she is one of her own puppies, picking up the kitten by the scruff of the neck to move her, usually right in front of her paws.

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The kitten also likes to cuddle with its stepsiblings, Callan said on Facebook.

Once Ramblin’ Rose can be adopted, she will be going to a relative’s home since one of Callan’s dogs isn’t fond of cats, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported.