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KENOSHA, Wis. – An alligator escaped from a backyard in Wisconsin and went on a stroll around the neighborhood.

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According to WISN, some children found an alligator roaming around on the street in a Wisconsin neighborhood Tuesday after it had escaped from the backyard.

Its owner, David Prill, told WISN that the alligator was outside in the sun all day enjoying the kiddie pool before he realized the alligator had escaped from his backyard. Fortunately, by the time that Prill realized it was gone, the Kenosha police already recovered it.

KPD found this little fella taking a stroll on Kenosha’s north side this morning,” KPD said on a Facebook post. The alligator was turned over to a reptile sanctuary.

However, according to WISN, the alligator was eventually turned back over to Prill as KPD determined there was nothing illegal about keeping it.

Prill told WISN that the alligator can bite but it isn’t really dangerous. He has been caring for the alligator since a friend couldn’t have it anymore. He is planning to relocate the alligator to his parent’s place in Florida since they have a pond. In the meantime, he plans to keep a close eye on the alligator.