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WESTPHALIA, MO. – A steel bridge with a weight limit of 5 tons collapsed when a semi hauling at least 20 tons of cargo attempted to cross it near Westphalia, Missouri.

The single-lane bridge, known to locals as the Penecostal Bridge, collapsed into the Maries River when a driver of a semi attempted to cross it despite being at least 30,000 pounds too heavy for the structure.

Photos provided by law enforcement officials show the destroyed semi at the river’s edge after falling dozens of feet below.

No one was injured in the mishap, according to The Missouri State Highway Patrol.

According to the bridge was completed in 1893 and reinforced 1902.

The website said a 2017 inspection found the bridge in “poor” condition. The website utilizes data from Federal government’s National Bridge Inventory (NBI.)

Officials say an investigation is ongoing.

Below are images posted on Facebook by the City of Westphalia of the bridge prior to collapse. In one of the photos the weight limit can be seen posted on the right side of the bridge.

Semi with more than 40,000 lbs of cargo destroys bridge designed for 5 tons

A bridge which was designed to carry 10,000 lbs collapsed in Missouri when a semi loaded with 20 tons of cargo tried to cross it.