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FAIR OAKS, Calif. – A recent break-in at a California oral surgeon’s office was a bit of a “wild” ride for Donna McDonald who, at first, thought the Fair Oaks building was experiencing an earthquake.

Instead, the office manager at Gregory Hailey DDS discovered a massive wild turkey had crashed through the dual-pane windows in the blessedly empty patient consultation area.

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“I guess it’s mating season, and she doesn’t want to,” McDonald told The Sacramento Bee, the day after the feathered intruder “clawed up” walls and pierced dental chairs with shattered glass.

Turkeys are not an uncommon sight around the property, she told the Bee, because “a gaggle, or whatever you’d call it” congregate on the greenbelt behind the office, leading her to assume one of them had been struck by a passing vehicle and thrown through the window.

A rescue worker with Gold Country Wildlife Rescue who responded to McDonald’s call to for help, at the direction of animal control, told the startled office manager that the bird did not appear to be seriously injured and would be released back into the wild, the newspaper reported.

Meanwhile, the rescue’s treasurer, Greg Grimm, told KVOR that he has his own theory about the turkey’s state of mind prior to its grand entrance.

“Now the other thing that birds sometimes do when they see windows is that they see their reflection in the window, and especially if it’s during mating season, they may think it’s a competitor for their mate,” Grimm told the TV station.