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SAN ANTONIO – A dog owner in San Antonio is trying to find his missing dog and he’s driving around the city with a huge mobile billboard, offering $20,000 for the animal’s return.

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Roi Biton has been on his quest to get Golani back.

Biton said he was with his two pets in November when they took off after something, but only one came back and she was scared at the time.

Biton tried finding Golani, who wasn’t wearing a collar but was microchipped, but there was no trace of him.

“I literally left my life on standby. I had to tell my office to handle my customers. I stayed around the area for even overnight, slept two nights on that property, which is an empty property, to maybe eliminate the option that he may (have) got lost,” Biton told KENS. “I will do anything. I will pay anything. I will do anything in this world to get him back.”

Golani, who was named after Biton’s unit in the Israeli Special Forces, was a gift from his friends on his birthday, KENS reported.

The dog is a bull terrier, which Biton said was supposed to have a procedure done to his intestines that if not done, the dog was not expected to survive, KABB reported in April.

The dog is also his emotional support animal to help Biton’s PTSD. Golani wakes Biton up when the former military man has nightmares caused by his PTSD, KABB reported.

Despite going door-to-door, posting fliers and reaching out on social media for Golani’s return, the dog is still not home.

In February, Biton offered $10,000 for his companion’s return. That recently was doubled.

He said he thinks he’s already spent about $20,000 for the dog’s return.

“But I don’t count anymore. I don’t. I get up every morning after a bad night sometimes, where I don’t have him next to me … I get up in the morning and all I want to do is go out there and do my very best today because all I have is today. To push as much as I can to try to find him,” Biton shared with KENS.