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OAK GROVE, Mo. – Strangers came together to help a family in need after a mother died of COVID-19.

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Megan Richards died on Monday, leaving behind six children, the youngest of whom, Myles, is only 5 months old, WDAF reported. That infant was also hospitalized for COVID-19 but was released after successful treatment.

Richards had planned to breastfeed Myles before her death, so her family began collecting donations of breast milk, ABC News reported. The family received approximately 400 ounces of donated milk within a few weeks of Richards’ death, and said they hope to collect enough to continue giving Myles breast milk until his first birthday next July, per ABC News.

Breast milk sharing and donation happen frequently, both formally and informally, according to the Mayo Clinic. Groups like the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) work to safely help children in need get access to donated breast milk.

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