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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A Tennessee police department is praising one of its officers for his quick thinking after he saved the life of a choking baby boy.

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According to WTVF, the rescue occurred Tuesday night outside a Nashville gas station. Philip Claibourne, an officer with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, was investigating an automobile accident when another vehicle quickly approached and stopped near his partner’s car, the news outlet reported.

Two women, including the mother of a 9-month-old boy, hopped out and pleaded for officers to help the baby, Claibourne told WTVF.

“The mom rushed over to me and handed the baby to me, and I took it, and my training kind of kicked in,” Claibourne said in an interview with the news station.

Claibourne said he examined the baby, who was “gasping for air,” then turned the child over while holding him, according to WTVF.

“I gave the baby one good smack on its back, and immediately, the baby started coughing and crying,” Claibourne told the outlet.

Following the incident, the department lauded Claibourne in a Facebook post Wednesday.

“On #nationalfirstrespondersday we salute Central Precinct Officer Philip Claibourne, whose gentleness and training saved the life of a choking 9-month-old Tuesday night,” the department captioned a photo of the officer posing with the mother and baby. “The child’s mom saw Claibourne at a market and rushed her son to him. He quickly and carefully cleared the airway. Thank you to ALL first responders {especially ours } who work, day and night, for the safety and security of others!”

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