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The family of Chloe Wiegand says images released by Royal Caribbean Cruise are “physically impossible” to have happened as the company claims.

Royal Caribbean officials entered the surveillance video into evidence earlier this month. They say they show that Salvatore Anello leaned out of the open window for eight seconds before he picked up his granddaughter and held her at the opening, The Associated Press reported.

Chloe died on July 8 in Puerto Rico, the AP reported.

Anello faces negligent homicide charges in connection with Chloe’s death.

Chloe’s family has filed a lawsuit against Royal Caribbean saying that the company was negligent for having a window that could open near the children’s play area, the Indy Star reported.

The surveillance video was entered into evidence in the family’s lawsuit, not the criminal case against Anello.

The Wiegand family says the company lied and that it was impossible for Anello to lean over a railing and through an angled window, the Indy Star reported.

They say that the company chose specific videos that go with a “false narrative” created by Royal Caribbean. Only two of the 13 cameras in the area were released, the family claims, the AP reported.

The family claims the railing was 18 inches from the window and Anello had to lift his feet 7 inches off the ground to touch the window with the top of his head. They said Anello could not lean out of the opening, the Indy Star reported.