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CINCINNATI – Snowball is going to need a bath, or two, or three.

Snowball is a guinea pig from Cincinnati who had quite an adventure late last month.

The pet had escaped from his home and crawled into a sewer pipe, WLWT reported.

Snowball’s owners knew they needed help to get their pet out so they called Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

But thanks to two brave and good-hearted workers, Snowball was returned home.

Jeff Greene and Reggie Gray suited up and got down and dirty to get Snowball out of his stinky safe place, WLWT reported.

First Green called to Snowball, saying “Hey buddy, come on.” But Snowball was scared and shaking and wouldn’t budge.

So Grey lowered Greene into a manhole and Greene was able to spot the animal. They said the sunny, dry weather helped with the rescue. If it had been raining, Snowball would have been washed away, the Enquirer reported.

They used a basketball to help persuade the guinea pig, nudging him to come out of hiding, WLWT reported.