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HOUSTON, Texas – Bats are falling from a popular bat-watching bridge in Houston, Texas due to hypothermic shock from the freezing temperatures.

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Freezing cold temperatures are causing bats to fall from the Waugh Bridge in Houston. The Houston Humane Society is working to help save the bats. So far, they have helped rescue at least 138 bats, according to KHOU. The HHS is in the process of helping to rehabilitate the bats.

HHS’ director, Mary Warwick, is a bat expert and working to save as many of them as possible, according to KHOU.

According to KTRK, the bats are Mexican free-tailed bats and they live in between the crevices of the bridge which has not been warm enough to protect them from the weather. Instead, their bodies have been going into shock which causes them to fall onto the pavement.

HHS placed some foam on the ground to help give the bats some cushion when they land, according to KTRK.

The Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition on Facebook said the Waugh Bridge in Houston is a popular site for people to watch bats. Bat World Sanctuary replied to the post saying they are working with HHS’ Warwick and have since been able to save 1,200 bats since Friday morning.

Once the bats are rehabilitated and the freezing cold weather changes, the bats will be released to rejoin the colony, according to KTRK.

The Waugh Bridge bat colony has about 300,000 bats living there before Hurricane Harvey, the freezing cold of Feb. 2021, and now this year’s freezing cold weather, according to KTRK.

To contact HHS, call 713-468-8972. According to KTRK, if you come across a bat or encounter one, do not touch it with your bare hands.