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WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. – A coyote that attacked a toddler in broad daylight in Woodland Hills, California, earlier this month, has been euthanized.

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The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said the coyote that attacked and dragged a 2-year-old girl was trapped on Dec. 9, according to KTLA. CDFW’s Patrick Foy said they knew it was the right coyote based on a DNA sample that was compared to a sample from the girl’s pants, which happened to be a perfect match.

Home security video caught the coyote in broad daylight attacking the toddler on Dec. 3 while her father was unloading the car, according to the Los Angeles Times. The coyote knocked the girl down and began to drag her as she screamed. Her father picked her up quickly and chased the coyote away.

Toddler reportedly attacked by coyote outside house in California in broad daylight

According to the LA Times, CFW worked for days since the attack to capture the coyote and was successful on Friday. The coyote has since been euthanized.

The girl sustained bruises to her face and scratches to her left leg. Her parents told KTLA that she was taken to the emergency room and was administered rabies shots.

In Los Angeles County, there have been at least seven reported coyote attacks on humans this year, according to the LA Times.