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TRUMBULL, Conn. – A Connecticut family was surprised to find an owl stuck in their chimney earlier this week.

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They called “All About Bats and Wildlife,” who managed to remove the raptor and release it back into the wild, WTNH reported.

“That is awesome,” the homeowner is heard saying in a video of the capture and release.

“Isn’t it?” the rescuer affirms.

“Wow, how cool is that,” the homeowner said.

“OK, let’s get him out and see if you can fly,” the rescuer said

The rescuer clutches the majestic bird and is heard saying “you are beautiful, you are beautiful,” as he releases the owl, which immediately flies off.

“Oh, that’s awesome,” the rescuer said while raising his arms in excitement. “I am on cloud nine!”

While it might seem out of the ordinary, owls frequently become trapped and have to be removed from chimneys.

In January, RSPCA wildlife workers rescued an owl in England that had fallen down a chimney and become trapped in a wood-burning stove. In February, firefighters in Scottsdale, Arizona, removed an owl who had gotten trapped in a chimney. In May, another family in England were shocked to find an owl trapped in their chimney. And in July, neighbors in Washington helped out to remove an owl stuck in a chimney.