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STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. – A Virginia woman went into labor during the winter storm that hit the Washington D.C. area, and was forced to walk a quarter of a mile in active labor just to get to an ambulance.

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The winter storm left the family’s road completely impassable, which became a problem when Noel’s water broke around 5 p.m., WTOP reported. That meant she had to walk to the next road up in order to meet an ambulance.

Fire and rescue crews were able to navigate to the house, but because an earlier ultrasound showed the baby in a difficult position, Noel insisted on leaving the house to go to the hospital to have the baby, WTOP reported.

Fire and rescue crews helped the pair out of the house, and walked with the family through the woods. “Mom was superhuman. Absolutely one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen anybody do in the first place. And to be super pregnant and doing it. She was superhuman,” paramedic Andy Smith of Stafford County Fire and Rescue told WUSA.

Her husband Kris was with her, and told WUSA, “She was having contractions every two minutes. Kept stopping and trying to encourage her. She was incredible.”

The walk took about 40 minutes in the snow, with pauses every time Noel had a contraction, WTOP reported.

Once at the hospital, doctors delivered a happy healthy baby girl named Josephine, named after St. Joseph, the patron saint for firefighters, WUSA reported.