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GLASGOW, Scotland – A researcher at the University of Glasgow has developed a device that works as a video phone for your pet.

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The device, known as the DogPhone, is a ball that when moved, sends a signal to a laptop that launches a video call, The Guardianreported.

The human with the laptop will have the option to take the call, and can control when to hang up. They can also initiate a call to their dog, who answers by moving the DogPhone ball.

The technology works because of an accelerometer inside the ball that senses movement, the BBC reported.

Dr. Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, who created the DogPhone, has long focused her research on how animals and computers interact, according to her website.

The goal of the DogPhone is to offer pets with separation anxiety some control over interaction and the technology in the home.

Right now, the prototype only allows a dog to call its human. Dr. Hirskyj-Douglas said that she sees a future with canine social media, FaceBark, where dogs would be able to call one another.