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BISMARCK, N.D. – A woman who is facing charges after she allegedly brought a raccoon into a bar is now looking for help paying for an attorney.

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Erin Christensen was arrested after bringing the raccoon into a Bismarck bar on Sept. 6, prompting the health department to send out a warning statewide for anyone who may have come into contact with the animal to get tested for rabies.

The Benson County Sheriff’s Office told KFYR that Christensen was charged with tampering with evidence, providing false information to law enforcement and North Dakota Game and Fish violations.

Raccoon brought into a bar in North Dakota; rabies alert issued over possible exposure

Christensen told the Bismarck Tribune that she is hoping an online fundraising campaign can help pay for her to get an attorney.

According to the GoFundMe, Christensen found the raccoon approximately three months ago when it was on the side of the road unable to move. After bringing the animal home, Christensen “was very careful on not bringing him around anyone at first to ensure he did not have rabies. He showed no signs at all the whole time she had him and within no time he became an important part of our family.”

Christensen told the Bismarck Tribune that the police response was out of proportion to her bringing the animal to a bar, saying that “police brought a battering ram to break down the front door of the house” and that “the amount of manpower used to find and kill Rocky … is impressive. A shock-and-awe campaign.”

Deputies told KFYR that the raccoon was put down so that it could be tested for rabies and other diseases.

“My children are devastated and inconsolable,” Christensen told the Bismarck Tribune. “They cried for hours, yesterday. No good deed goes unpunished; clearly that is a harsh lesson for young people to learn.”

If found guilty, Christensen faces a maximum punishment of jail time and fines totaling $7,500, according to the Bismarck Tribune.