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MORGAN HILL, Calif. – After noticing interference for months, police located and disabled an electronic signal-jamming device set up in a California home.

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Morgan Hill police said the Santa Clara County Emergency Communications Department reported a signal was “disrupting, impeding and interfering” with public safety calls, KTVU reported.

Police said officials had noticed interference at a communication tower for the last six months. In the last week, it had gotten worse with residents reporting disruptions to Wi-Fi, satellite and cell phone service.

Investigators traced the approximate source of the signal to a home, the Morgan Hill Times reported. Police tried to contact the resident through a doorbell security camera but got no response. They later got a search warrant and entered the house. Once inside, officers lost all radio communication. They found two signal jammers, disabled them and immediately regained service.

No arrests have been made. Investigators are analyzing the equipment. The resident could face charges related to disrupting public safety frequencies, KTVU reported.

“I can’t imagine a Joe Blow citizen having that equipment to be used for anything other than malicious intent,” Morgan Hill Mayor Rich Constantine told KTVU.