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CHANDLER, Ariz. – An Arizona couple decided to show their love for restaurant workers in Chandler, adding an $800 tip to their $36.07 lunch bill.

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“It’s insane, insane,” Maria Hartigan, a manager of Grubstak, told KNXV about Saturday’s generous tip. “It’s crazy.”

Colton Grubb, the owner of the restaurant, said he has known the couple for two and a half years. “They drive from Florence a couple of times a month to eat the food here, they have their favorite order,” he told the television station.

Hertigan, who was serving the couple, said she was in shock.

“When I took a look at it to put it into the computer, I almost about fell off my pad over there — my standing pad — so I showed Colton,” Hertigan told KNXV. “I ran outside to catch him and asked ‘Did you mean to do this, are you sure this is what you want to put down?’ And he said, ‘I’m quite sure. We love you guys and we want everyone to be happy and well served.’”

Tips at Grubstak are pooled, so servers split them with cooks and dishwashers.

Grubb said the couple knew that, and wanted to make sure everyone got some extra money, KNXV reported.

“There is a lot of good still out in the world, people are doing nice things,” Grubb told the television station.

“On the darkest of your days, there’s always going to be a glimmer of hope, and honestly it’s just so sweet,” Hertigan added.