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If you can believe it, it has been almost 20 years since Daniel Radcliffe became the “boy who lived” and appeared in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

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The first film of the series came out on Nov. 16, 2001, and to celebrate, HBO Max Cartoon Network and TBS will have five nights of viewing all themed on “Harry Potter.”

One of the specials is a television show paying homage to the Potterverse that will challenge Potter fans on their knowledge of the Wizarding World, Entertainment Weekly reported.

The show will comprise four, one-hour challenges and viewers will be able to play along at home, Wizarding World, the official website of everything Harry Potter, said in a news release.

Casting is going on right now. More information can be found here.

There will also be a retrospective special.

The dates of the shows’ airings have not been released, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” grossed more than $1 billion globally and made Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint household names, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Author J.K. Rowling is not directly involved with the productions but her team has been collaborated with, according to The Hollywood Reporter.