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COBB COUNTY, Ga. – Some Georgia parents now have legal precedent on their side when it comes to perpetuating – or not – a particular holiday tradition.

Judge Robert Leonard II, chief judge for the Cobb County Superior Court, took to Twitter on Thursday to issue a “judicial order” banning Elf on the Shelf, WSB-TV reported.

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“Tired of living in Elf on the Shelf tyranny? Not looking forward to the Elf forgetting to move and causing your kids emotional distress? I am a public servant and will take the heat for you. My gift to tired parents,” Leonard wrote. “P.S. – If you love your elf, keep your elf. No contempts.”

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For the unacquainted, the 2005 children’s book, “The Elf on the Shelf,” spawned a now seemingly ingrained holiday tradition, wherein, a home’s designated elf is placed randomly about the abode. The mischievous little imp often partakes in everyday activities but sometimes gets a little carried away. Ultimately, the goal is to keep little ones so distracted with the elf’s antics that they forget its real role of note-taker-in-chief for Santa’s naughty and nice lists.

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Leonard, however, felt that some parents have earned a reprieve, and made it so, declaring the omnipresent elves a “distraction” to school students and a “risk to the emotional health and well being” of Cobb County’s youth, WSB-TV reported.

“The undersigned recalls a horrific incident in his own home where three children were sent to school in tears, with one child being labeled an ‘Elf Murderer’ and accused of making the elf ‘lose his magic,’” Leonard wrote. “The Court has no doubt that day of education was lost on everyone.”