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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – A fight inside of an Arizona Bath & Body Works store ended with two people facing charges.

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The altercation started when someone apparently cut in line, Scottsdale Police told The Arizona Republic.

One woman got too close to another woman who had a child with her, a witness who recorded the fight told the newspaper. One woman threw a bag at the other, and that is when the fight started, Genevieve Denslow said.

Denslow’s video, which includes profanities, has millions of views.

Another video shows a woman being told by three employees to leave. A second woman starts yelling at the first, while a third woman insulted the first, The Arizona Republic reported.

At the height of the fight, two women and four employees were fighting.

Two women have been charged, but police did not say who they were, or whether they were customers or employees,KSAZ reported.

L Brands Communications, which is the parent company of Bath & Body Works, told KSAZ, “We are deeply concerned by the incident in one of our stores and are currently investigating the matter in partnership with local law enforcement.”