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HENRIETTA, N.Y. – A pair of geese had a message for a New York woman: Don’t try and save our goslings. Just leave them alone.

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A woman was trying to play the role of good Samaritan when a group of goslings was separated on a roadway near the Marketplace Mall in Rochester, WROC reported. The goslings were stuck on one side of the road while their parents were on the other side, the television station reported.

As the woman approaches to lift the trapped baby birds to reunite them with the adult geese, she was met with hostility, WROC reported. The adult geese approach the woman and flap their wings angrily, leaping at her as she tries to move the goslings onto the same part of the road as their parents.

No appreciation. But the woman tried.

Cars slowed down as the woman continued to interact with the birds. Finally, the geese take control and shooed the goslings across the road to safety, WROC reported.