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Taco Bell announced Tuesday morning that the Mexican Pizza is returning permanently in September.

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Taco Bell announced on Facebook that the Mexican Pizza is returning to their menu starting on September 15, three months after it sold out. Taco Bell said that its return is sooner than what they first expected with some of the supply chain shortages.

“The beans have been spilled,” said Taco Bell on Twitter.

The Mexican Pizza is made with two fried flour tortillas, topped with pizza sauce, Taco Bell’s three-cheese blend and diced tomatoes, according to Taco Bell’s website.

According to Fortune, the Mexican Pizza was removed from the Taco Bell menu two years ago and recently, it returned for a limited time. Fortune said that a six-month supply of the Mexican Pizza sold out in a matter of weeks.

Taco Bell CEO Mark King confirmed to Fortune that the Mexican Pizza is returning in the fall after a strong following and feedback over its removal. King said part of the reason it was originally removed was because of the COVID-19 pandemic where the company simplified its menu to make orders for its team members easier.

Artist Doja Cat has been credited with assisting in Taco Bell bringing back the Mexican Pizza and even became a spokesperson for the relaunch, according to Food & Wine. In April, Taco Bell announced the Mexican Pizza return in May with plans to give it its own musical featuring Dolly Parton. However, plans changed and the Mexican Pizza became so popular again that the musical was postponed, and the item sold out across the country and just before it was pulled from the menu. Fans were so supportive of the Mexican Pizza that they started petitions to bring it back.

According to Fortune, sales for Taco Bell in May because of the Mexican Pizza were seven times higher than before it was removed from the menu. It was sold out in 7,600 stores in less than two months.

“Upon its menu return, demand for the Mexican Pizza was 7x higher than when previously available. While demand and ingredient shortages delayed that permanency, it’ll be here to stay for good when it returns on September 15,” Taco Bell said on its website. “Taco Bell worked diligently to resolve depleted ingredients and supply chain challenges that originally caused longer gaps in the product’s availability. Fans eager for its return can expect Mexican Pizzas will be ready in all their glory.”