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We’ve all worked on things during the lockdown. For some, it’s a project around the house, for others it’s a new hobby. For Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford, he’s been working on his “Metal” fashion style. Take a look.

Rob Halford and all the members of Judas Priest are credited with creating the “Heavy Metal” fashion that we know today. Now he is taking it to a new level.

That’s Rob Halford holding a dragon topped cane, wearing a very nice tailored sports coat with a white skull pattern tie, leather gloves, jeans, cowboy hat, and spiked platform heels. Yep, those are spiked platform heels. He captioned the pictures “metal elevation”. What do you think? Is this the future for “Heavy Metal” fashion? Only time will tell and I’m sure Rob Halford will continue to lead the way.

— Doug O’Brien