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PHOENIX – An Arizona man allegedly shot and killed his uncle during an argument about who would sleep on the couch.

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According to court records obtained by KSAZ, Phoenix police officers responded to a home on Sunday after they received a call that Dajoun Miller, 22, had allegedly shot someone inside the home and that they were concerned he may shoot other people inside the home.

Miller met the officers outside and allegedly told them that he had shot someone. Miller also allegedly told the officers that he disassembled the weapon when they asked for it. It was located inside the home and the backyard, according to court records obtained by KTVK.

Inside the home, police found Denzell Williams lying on the couch with multiple gunshot wounds. He was declared dead at the scene, according to court records obtained by KTVK. Police also found dozens of 9MM casings around his body.

According to KSAZ, Miller had been living in the home for a few months and had a hard time once his uncle, Williams, moved him. Prior to the shooting, Miller had allegedly sent a text message to his mother saying that he would fight his uncle for the spot on the couch since he wanted to sleep there.

Family members heard the argument and then the gunshots downstairs, according to KTVK. The family told officers that they saw Miller standing over his uncle and shooting him. According to court records obtained by KTVK, those family members had pleaded for Miller to stop shooting but he shot him once more.

One of Miller’s family members told police that Miller had a history of undiagnosed mental health issues, which Miller denied, according to court records. Miller had also told them three different versions of what happened. In the first story, Miller allegedly told them that his uncle was being disrespectful toward him and ignoring him. Then Miller allegedly told officers he didn’t remember what had happened until he was in the back of a patrol car, according to court records obtained by KTVK. In his third story, he allegedly told officers that his uncle threatened to kill the family when they were all sleeping.

According to KPNX, Miller’s family told officers that they were concerned about his behavior before the shooting on Sunday.

Miller has been booked on a recommended charge of first-degree murder. He is being held on a $1 million bond, according to KSAZ.