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NEW YORK – A New York plastic surgeon has volunteered his services to help an artist who was embarrassed about a growth on his nose.

Conrado Estrada was diagnosed with rhinophyma, described by the National Institutes of Health as a nasal deformity where tumor-like growths appear on the nose.

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Estrada told WABC he was embarrassed by the growth on his nose, which made it hard to breathe, especially when out in public. “I felt bad — I felt bad because when I went out, people stared at me, and it was a burden for me,” Estrada told WABC.

Estrada was doing work at the home of Dr. Thomas Romo, a plastic surgeon in New York, when the doctor saw him and immediately wanted to help. “I see this guy and I just told my staff … ‘We’re going to take care of this guy.’ I said ‘book him. We’re not going to charge him.’” Romo told Fox News.

Romo performed the two-hour surgery to remove the deformity and repair Estrada’s nose, WABC reported. Estrada told the station he is feeling great post-surgery and that his life has changed for the better.