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Tesla has issued a massive recall that affects all four of the company’s current models.

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The issue is with the cars’ “Full Self-Driving” software, The Associated Press reported.

The cars could stop for no reason and deals with an automatic braking system after a software update sent on Oct. 23 introduced the issue.

Owners started reporting issues the day after the update went out about phantom breaking, the AP reported. Hours later, the company paused the software rollout or reverted the cars’ software to the previous version. The move disabled emergency braking in some cars.

A new update went out on Oct. 25 once the glitch was investigated and Tesla issued the voluntary recall on Oct. 26.

The recall affects 11,700 S, X, 3 and Y model vehicles, according to Market Watch.

The company will also issue a recall when it sends software updates to fix safety issues and is pushing for other manufacturers to do something similar.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has questioned Tesla asking why the company didn’t recall vehicles when a software update went out to fix its Autopilot system after the NHTSA said it received reports of a dozen crashes with emergency vehicles, the AP reported.

That separate investigation affects about 765,000 cars, or everything Tesla has sold since the 2014 model year.

Tesla says its Autopilot and “Full Self-Driving” modes are for driver assistance only and that whoever is behind the wheel of the vehicle should be able to intervene at any time, the AP reported.