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HELENA, Ala. – An Alabama dog owner recently welcomed a rare arrival destined to spark envy, if only briefly.

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Mark Ruffin, owner of Big Rajah Bullies, showcased for WBRC one of two puppies born to his French bulldogin Helena, Alabama, because the newborn bully is green.

Ruffin told the TV station that the pups’ mother was scheduled to deliver her litter via cesarean section, but when he went to check on her, he discovered she had birthed two puppies naturally, one of which was green.

According to “Today,” green fur in puppies is extremely rare and is believed to occur when pale-colored pups have contact in their mother’s womb with a green pigment called biliverdin, the same pigment that causes bruises to sometimes appear green.

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The effect is also temporary, with the color fading as the canine ages, “Today” reported.

Earlier this year, one of seven puppies born to a bulldog in Nova Scotia, Canada, also entered the world green, WKRC reported.

Another case of the rare phenomenon was recorded in Italy in 2020.