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Almost 3 out 4 people surveyed would be fine with with a Thanksgiving dinner with no turkey, just the side dishes. The number one side dish for the big feast is mashed potatoes (46%) followed by stuffing (43%), sweet potatoes (39%), and cranberry sauce (37%)

We can’t forget about our favorite desserts. Number one is apple pie (43%) surprisingly beat pumpkin pie (42%) for the top spot, with chocolate (34%) rounding out the top three.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll for The Fresh Market. “Americans all agree on celebrating Thanksgiving and that mashed potatoes are the favorite side! Whether it’s continuing family traditions or starting new ones with unique sides like mascarpone whipped potatoes with rosemary, oyster stuffing or cranberry relish with walnuts, bringing fresh, flavorful sides to the table, when you gather with family and friends, makes the meal even more delicious,” said Kevin Miller, Chief Marketing Officer at The Fresh Market.

Our favorite side dishes for Thanksgiving dinner.

May you have the best Thanksgiving ever!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

— Doug O’Brien