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BROOKSVILLE, Fla. – A Florida man says a used car promotion he received in the mailed was disguised as a coronavirus stimulus check.

While the $2 trillion stimulus passed the Senate earlier this week, it still has not moved through the House of Representatives or been signed by the president, officially releasing the funding.

So, Thomas Andrews was suspicious when an official-looking piece of mail with a check made out for more than $3,000 and the words “COVID-19 Auto Stimulus” arrived Thursday, WFLA reported.

“It said time-sensitive, fast-tracked, open immediately, do not bend, stuff like that,” Andrews told WFLA. “I wanted to post it as soon as I could because I know that some people, like my grandma, would have fallen for stuff like that.”

A letter included with the check says to claim the “stimulus incentives” at a temporary relief site within 10 days, WFLA reported. It also shows images of several used cars for sale.


A phone number affiliated with the address on the check goes to a carport and truck rental service, WFLA reported.

“It’s just not right the way that they did it,” Andrews told WFLA.